What kind of tarps do you make?

We custom make tarps for semi trailers including grain, gravel and asphalt trucks, custom made boat tarps and shore stations. We also make covered wagon covers and camper skirting and other custom projects.

How long does it take?

Usually all truck tarps and covers will be completed within one to two weeks. Boat covers require more time and can take up to a couple of months to schedule. Just call to have your name put on the list.

What is the cost?

Since most every tarp is a different size and can be made from different materials, please call for all pricing. This can be done over the phone with just your measurements.

Can you repair my tarp cover?

We perform repairs on various tarps and covers every day. As long as it is dry, clean and can fit under our machine, we can usually repair it. If not, we can probably make you a new one.

Where are you located?

We are located at 126 Walnut Street, Sutherland, Nebraska.

How can we contact you?

Phone: 1-308-386-4319
Fax: 1-308-386-4310
Email: jay@sutherlandindustries.com