About Us

Located in Sutherland Nebraska, Sutherland Industries has been in operation since 1956.  Sutherland Industries has been serving farmers, ranchers and truck drivers in protecting those things vital to their operations for over 5 decades.

Sutherland Industries was founded on the basis of one principal idea.  Keep cattle alive.  Many ranchers in west central Nebraska were losing baby calves due to snow and cold conditions in winter calving times.  The thought occurred to some that if you built a small canvas tent and placed over the calf, it would make it through the night and by morning its’ mother would be able to take care of it from there.  One of the major functions of Sutherland Industries today still maintains that principal.  Keep cattle alive.  By utilizing our current day “windscreen”, ranchers are able to protect not only cattle but also horses, bison and their pets from the elements.

From those days 50 plus years ago till today, we have covered about anything and everything that one could think of.  Sutherland Industries has evolved and today specializes in the manufacturing of custom tarps for boats, semi trailers, windscreens for cattle, horses and canines along with about all other covers that can be thought of.  If you have a need cover for your wagon, trailer, boat or kennel, just give us a call or you can e-mail us at info@sutherlandindustries.com.